An awesome design and all the comfort in the world: this is what the Pocket Chair promises to those who are willing to experience it. The studio responsible with the design is simply called DING3000, a fun and nonconformist name, indeed! The body is made of wood and leather, it washes easily and it literally slips its wooden legs into…pockets. Each leg with its private pocket. The material, cuoietto leather is quite special because of its adaptability. “The cozy shape gives it a familiar, yet sophisticated look. Washable and resistant, it can be used in different contexts, from home to office but also in lounge bars, wine shops and restaurants”. 

The design is unique and eccentric. This makes you part of a story that understands the values of innovation. Now, how about testing it?! Imagine yourself sitting back and relaxing, reading a good book and enjoying a wonderful cup of tea. The Pocket Chair not only looks good, but it also feels good. The best thing about it is that it actually fits everywhere. In case you are looking to buy the Pocket Chair, you can find it here.