One massive block on top of another and here we have an interesting structure, appealing and very modern, in the comfortable climate of Londrina, Brazil. Studio Guilherme Torres played with volumes and textures and provided a young and dynamic home to a couple, looking for something less ordinary than the classic family house. For those interested, the project completed in 2009, spreads over 410 square meters. In order to enter the LA House , the name given to this awesome residential project, one has to take a walk nearby the pool and access it by the double height atrium, which in fact connects and adjoins the interior living spaces.

Neat and iconic, the place is flooded by light and playfulness. Let me explain: as soon as you pass through the gate-like entrance, it’s like your journey into the universe of Space Invaders, a classic in terms of gaming, starts.  High, overwhelming and spectacular, when it comes to details, the LA House breaks the paradigm (as the architect said) of traditional partition. You’ve got a high ceiling in the living room and  a sea of white colour on the walls, connecting the interior with the exterior through pivoting windows. Taking into account the fact that this is a couple’s house, the entire architectural perspective is quite unusual. But then again, isn’t this the beauty of it? There are a couple of design elements that caught our attention: the yellow free-standing counter, the blue oversized pouf and last but not least, the “Space Invaders wall”. How do you find it?