One word to describe the Berrima House in Singapore: zen! Borrowing many elements from the Asian culture, the Berrima House completed by Park + Associates, is a space dedicated to body, mind and spirit. The house promotes social interaction and glorifies the need of spending time engaging  the family members in different types of activities. Therefore, building Berrima House was rather a way of focusing on different areas serving for different activities. The house has a volumetric structure, showcasing a green oasis in the very heart of it (a beautiful interior courtyard divided the ground floor and creates a breezy atmosphere). 

Zen fountains embrace the house’s decks, while (almost) everything is wrapped in precious marble. The bright atmosphere is one of the focus points. As a consequence, the structure itself keeps a very fluid look: the rooms have no solid walls, but framed glass and there are few doors and many hallways. From the kitchen you can access the interior garden and why not, even dine there, in the intimacy of your own peaceful green retreat.