Greenland Road Residence was especially envisioned by Studio One Architecture as a homey retreat, one to peacefully accommodate a family in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the architects, “the house is sited on the high side of the undulating property, sliced through a narrow gauge between existing setbacks, easements, and buffers. Conceived as a home for three generations, the design translated the program into an open plan of discrete zones of both public and private spaces“. A variety of windows and terraces open up each interior towards the rich neighboring landscape.

The project is not just aesthetically intriguing, it is also sustainable: “oriented along a topographic east-west axis, the home incorporates multiple low-tech features such as an underground rainwater collector as well as daylighting through the careful placement of deep overhangs above glazing to protect against heat gain in summer while allowing full sun to penetrate in winter“.  Some of the high-tech systems include geothermal heating and cooling, argon gas-insulated glazing and recycled content. Inspiring coziness throughout, the Greenland Road Residence is an example of modern living at its best.