Immersing in a world entirely dedicated to daring artwork, we present you an interesting apartment, with an awkwardly creative approach towards…design. This modern (and edgy) home in Madrid, Spain, is the result of IlmioDesign‘s strange imagination. With futuristic light fixtures, providing a smooth silky purple ambience, the apartment is ideal for those who still believe that art is reshaping our world. A neutral palette of colours flood the breezy space, allowing you to catch every single decoration details from the wide and expanded hallway. Basically, the hallway offers you a good view over the rooms.

Unconventional and abstract paintings populate the apartment, giving you the feeling that you are about to enter an edgy art gallery. A human head statue “guards” the living room. No, this is not a horror movie scene, but a touch of awkward “grace”. Moreover, the spooky palette is completed by a human hand. With such elements of décor, who dares to sleep at night?! Even the bathroom has smooth artistic decorations. Clean, futuristic and bright, the apartment in Madrid reflects the high extravagance of an updated bohemian lifestyle. Agree or not?