Travessa de Patrocinio is one of those bohemian places in Lisbon that require a sweet disposition while visiting. The unique collaboration between these three designers, Luís Rebelo de AndradeTiago Rebelo de Andrade and Manuel Cachão Tojal, gave birth to a project inspired by minimalism, with an interesting Mediterranean “coverage”. Imagine a thick “coat” of plants shadowing the entire façade of a house that spreads vertically. “Its walls are completely covered with vegetation, creating a vertical garden, filled with around 4500 plants from 25 different Iberian and Mediterranean varieties which occupies 100 square meters. So, short levels of water consumption are guaranteed as well as little gardening challenges.” 

Reminding us of the Hobbit homes, this house is totally inspiring the idea that the inhabitable place is strongly connected to the environment. “The box housing deviates from the gable to create a vertical yard (glass box), with a straight ladder connecting all floors, an allusion to the famous stairs of Alfama, running between the all 4 floors walls and linking the various dimensions.” Each of the 4 floors embraces a (different) scent: lavander, rosemary or even lavander. The roof is a space dedicated to your senses. You can totally relax and let yourself inspired by the surroundings. There’s even an infinity swimming pool, to soak your body into deep relaxation. Beautiful and amazing, this is the perfect home for those who love nature in the middle of an urban “jungle”