Walking the streets and stumbling across  a work of Aakash Nihalani can mean a wonderful disruption. Blending mathematics into day to day life led the artist into the fun and playful world of ingenious street art. Entitled Sum Times and discovered on This is Colossal, the carefully executed projects below exude originality. Artist Aakash Nihalani usually creates (modern) art using neon-colored tape in various geometric forms, which is also the case in the works depicted by the photos below.

Everyone can spot simple mathematic formulas in day to day life, but few are those who take advantage of them in a professional purpose. With the help of inspired street art, old building can look cheerful and garbage cans can make one think of something else other than waste. Have a look at how the artist managed to transform some otherwise depressing urban landscapes into creative ones and let us know your thoughts on this particular initiative.