Peter Kostelov envisioned Volga House, a modern residence with intriguing wooden features, located in Konakovsky District, Tverskaya region, Russia. The design of the house is derived from the characteristics of other traditional dwellings in the area and showcases an interesting “”patchwork” look. Wooden planks trimmed unconventionally overlap to create a very original facade. The architects explain that the project was inspired by the Soviet era style, when private house construction industry used to be rundown and backward”.

The interiors of House Volga were especially imagined for two adult couples-parents and their grown up children. On the first floor, the residence accommodates a kitchen and dining room,a  quests room, the boiler room, bath and shower plus a summer veranda. Two bedrooms, two wardrobe rooms, washing room, two toilet and shower rooms are located on the second floor, while the work shop, sauna, summer veranda take up the upper floor. For a more detailed insight of the project’s structure, have a look at the house plans at the end of the post.