We received photos and information regarding an unconventional apartment design envisioned by architect Tomasz Jasi?ski of AJOT Design Studio for the Polish aqua-designer Radoslaw Baszak of the Aquatic Plants Studio. Mirroring a passion for water tank designs, the whole apartment is decorated in a minimalist style with a dominant white color and accents of intense green. The first floor accommodates the living space and bedroom, while the upper level is a charming space of retreat.

The entire apartment inspires an informal mood, due to its light color palette, inclined walls and aquariums. The layout is not just practical, but also eye-catching and inspiring. Windows on each floor allow plenty of natural light inside, yet the lighting intensity can be adjusted by turning on some of the many lamps spread through the apartment. The highlight of the design is probably the solid bed on the second level, combined with a place to read newspapers.