If you love the taste of summer and the long walks on the beach, this is a house for you. For the inner you, that is. Located on the shores of South Pacific Ocean (unfolding a Mediterranean windy climate), the Rock House (the latest residential project signed UN Arquitectura) is a place that enhances the spirit of freedom and makes you feel like a bird in the sky. Gorgeous and contrasting, the house opens up through a central patio, which is actually the core of the house.

There are two types of materials used in completing it: concrete and (black painted) wood, which actually serve as borderlines between spaces. The concrete structure shelters the public area, while the wooden one accommodates the bedrooms. The materials are perpendicularly displayed, for a sharper contrast. The interior is characterised by wide areas of open space (especially the ground floor). At a closer look, the kitchen seems to borrow something from the 70s psychedelic, rich in circles and circular shapes look, without being too edgy, though. The central patio is magnificent (and zen) and it keeps a revitalising atmosphere, thanks to the large amount of green plants and bushes. Really inspirational, the house is ideal for escaping from the city rush.