Probably one of the most interesting and nature oriented houses, the House 04 project, located in the sunny region of Osijek, Croatia, tries to establish a special relationship between man and nature, using the liveable space as a tool. The modern-edgy home, designed by Helena Alfirevic Arbutina showcases the duality of the human existence and the constant need of finding inner peace. There are two walnut trees that mark symbolically the entrance. The very fluid and organic shaped house comes with all sorts of ingenious details.

The house is divided in three wings. One of the side wings accommodates the garage and the bedrooms, while the opposite wing is reserved for children. The central wing, which is public, is ideal for welcome guests. The central wing is really interesting from an architectural point of view. The interior is rich in transparent area, so you can see everything around the house even from the upper level. The abundance of transparence also allows you to have a complete view over the courtyard. The white interior, with wooden details is adorned with a central, suspended fireplace, which adds a feeling of coziness. There are “earthy” details sprinkled around the house, such as the pebble-like carpet, a pebbles “passage”, as soon as you step inside the house and a small interior garden with white stones and small bushes behind a wall of glass. Really interesting and inspiring, the 04 House gives you the feeling that you are exploring the freshness of the outdoors, right in the intimacy of your home.