Estela Netto Architecture & Design developed a dazzling home project, targeting young couples  in search of a refined house that mixes harmonically the edges of good design with nature’s greatness. Casa Aguas Claras is the name of this outstanding project sheltered in a luxurious area from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The house aims to embrace the rocky surroundings and immerse perfectly into this relaxing landscape. The house has an amazing morning view for those who are used to drink coffee in search of the morning inspiration.

For the ‘naturelle’ touch, plenty of wood was used in defining the project: floors, fancy shutters, some of the furniture pieces. Moreover, the textures and fabrics have been carefully chosen, creating an enhancing juggling of earthy colors. The contemporary natural aspect is augmented by a series of details such as rocky mountain wall patterns, different types of marble and gorgeous large windows that capture the landscape bringing it inside.  Casa Aguas Claras is a space that aims to satisfy the need of comfort, inducing a peaceful state of mind. The master bedroom is intimately protected by sliding shutters while the spacious living room is  wrapped with natural light. A perfect oasis for a smooth lifestyle, don’t you think?