Alison Brooks Architects completed the redesign and extension for a residence located in Islington, London, UK. Spread a total surface of 400 square meters (main building plus extension), Lens House displays an intriguing exterior. Its Origami-like extension consists of two irregular volumes, each having a well-defined functionality: “The first volume wraps around the brick walls at the side and rear of the house to create a home office, while the second volume extends out at the back to increase the size of the first floor living room“.

Large trapezoidal planes define the new interiors, which offer original perspectives both inside and out. According to the architects, to achieve the low profile of the ten-sided trapezoidal office extension, ABA “lowered the existing basement and excavated a new sunken courtyard to form a street-facing office entrance. This new lower ground floor level connects workspace and house. On the garden side, the building rests lightly on the ground with undercut walls to avoid the walnut tree’s roots“. Enjoy the photos and let us know how you find this particular architecture approach.