Roger Ferris + Partners restored and partially redesigned a mid-century estate located in New Canaan, Connecticut, USA. The new additions include a swimming pool, a garage and a modern art gallery. According to the architects, “the concrete volumes of the pool house and garage were minimized by inserting them into the hillside. All new exterior and restoration materials were reviewed and selected on site to harmonize with the existing residence”. The result is an architecturally diverse building, interesting to observe from a variety of standpoints.

The Art Gallery’s sober black creates an interesting backdrop for the transparent house initially envisioned by architect Philip Johnson in 1952: “The interior is designed to be bright, simple, and clean. All lighting is adjustable to best emphasize the art; ventilation is provided by linear diffusers integrated into nearly invisible reveals at the gable ends”. Displaying a variety of materials and textures, this home in Connecticut is more than a shelter for a living space and an art gallery, it is a modern artistic work in itself.