The scenic region of Asamayama, Japan had a tremendous influence on the residential project developed by the Japanese firm of architecture, Kidosaki Architects Studio. After years of research, the client found the ideal site for his dream home and decided to settle down. Away from the urban jungle, this particularly beautiful retreat focuses on the staggering natural beauty, which has a soothing effect on the human body and mind. The internal space is beautifully blending with the surroundings, creating a cozy and comfortable place, ideal for reading books, relaxing and discovering the inner self.

Reigning over the sea of trees, The House in Asamayama offers spectacular views. A steel structure wraps the dwelling, making it suitable for the steep land. The dialogue between the outdoor and the inhabitable space is made through the wooden coverage. Here, the Japanese culture creates a connection between the man and the environment. For the interior, the architects chose a minimalistic design line. A wall made entirely of glass, oriented towards the mountains engages the viewer into a journey of tranquility. Under the influence of a sober-chic concept, the house exhales comfort, becoming the ultimate environment for relaxation.