Minsk, Belarus is the home for this exquisite, impeccable decorated loft, where ( a particular and unusual type of) coziness and colours create a beautiful story. Really welcoming and different, the apartment is a strange mix of wood, bricks and concrete, with a gorgeous fireplace, occupying the central part of the room. The place is full of contrasts, from steampunk elements to cozy chalet-like details, sprinkled all over the house.  The emerald-green couch adds a spot of colour to this strange mix of urban-industrial décor and Christmas coziness. Floor to ceiling windows let the light flood the interior and offer gorgeous wide views over the courtyard. The loft has been designed by the Russian,  Uglyanitsa Alexander.

There’s a pleasant asymmetry going on: the ceiling is higher in the living room and lower in the rest of the house. The loft-like structure provides some extra privacy to the office, which was strategically placed, at the first floor. The brick walls, the metallic staircase and the abudance of concrete, as well as the yellow arrows on the floor and the pipes, offer a unique “rough” experience worth exploring. The interior doesn’t seem univiting at all, but striking and very modern. Really cool and hip, the loft, decorated by the Russian designer,  is really inspiring and fun! How do you see it?