Some of the finest homes are those inspired by the priceless surroundings. When the setting is staggering, the house is, most of the times, an inspirational place. Undoubtedly, the Mandeville Canyon Residence is one of those homes, that look like a calm retreat or a relaxation sanctuary, aiming to link people with the natural environment and create harmony. This residential project was developed and completed by the L.A. based architectural firm, Griffin Enright Architects.

An amazing view over the canyon welcomes you, as soon as you enter the living room, which is not exactly a regular living room, but a porch that opens up to a framed view over the emerald-like courtyard. “The house is developed as of a series of horizontal volumes which merge with the terrain of the landscape at the rear, while from the front yard its presence is distinctly more urban, vertical, and formal.” The Mandeville Canyon Residence is a joyful symphony that tickles your senses, a home which you can definitely call “an inspirational spot”. The first floor is divided in two main areas, the master bedroom and the children’s bedrooms. The space in and between is envisioned as a patio, ideal for “wasting” your mornings while admiring the first rays of shy morning light. To wrap it all up, this Californian residence is particularly beautiful and inspired by the nature’s wonders.