We stumbled across an original architecture project in Caulfield South, Melbourne, Australia, defined by elegance and filled with vintage design wonders. This colorful and creative family home (currently on sale) boasts five bedrooms and two bathrooms, a garage large enough to shelter two cars and a generously-sized outdoor swimming pool. A traditional white picket fence adds a romantic background for the residence and its surrounding green yard. The building’s exterior features intact Victorian architecture details, interesting to observe from various standpoints.

The core of the house is a large open plan living and dining space, offering a cozy fireplace, comfortable seating units, a traditional furniture and plenty of colorful decorations. The interior is connected to the courtyard and swimming pool. From eye-catching rainbow prints to colorful materials and textures, the house abounds in freshness and design creativity. Intricate chandeliers add a touch of nobility, while rustic furniture elements increase the feeling of warmth.