Lighting designers Malgorzata Ratajczak and Sebastian Szlabs from studio Emandes envisioned and implemented a series of interesting looking “Atomic Lighting Tubes”. The original systems (made up of painted or chrome PVC fittings) allow users to create an unlimited number of layouts composed of colorful tubes. Elegant and minimalist, the idea can be successfully embedded in various contemporary interiors, especially if they have an industrial design theme.

Project developers Ratajczak and Szlabs also bring up another interesting advantage:  “In this way, you can create lighting designs and features on the ceiling and the wall without worrying about power cables…” The designers envisioned their work as deriving from “water, power and ventilation systems in buildings, which run like a bloodstream to any room. And so we have added light to a room’s flow of energy and life“.  Would you consider having this lighting system in your home? Where would you place it?