We have spotted in Ad magazine, this artistic-like penthouse,  completed by the Russian designer, Ksenia Nikitina.  The apartment is the designer’s personal property. The main advantage is definitely the panoramic view over the “Red City”, called like this because of the large amount of buildings that adopted the ex-communist colour. The penthouse is structured on two levels, the first level assigned for public use: living room, dining and study area and the second level, reserved for the bedrooms and children ( another seven rooms for private use). Another interesting aspect is the roof terrace, envisioned as a space dedicated to relaxation and soothing the senses, recharging the batteries and refreshing the mind.

The apartment seems an art gallery: the walls are adorned with fine works of art, augmenting the feeling of elegance and sophistication. The designer played with shades of royal blue velvet and embraced wood as a fine décor material. The study room provides as well, a stunning view over the city’s skyline. Beautiful and rich in details, this penthouse apartment in Moscow combines gracefully the cosmopolite style with beautiful exemples of art, creating a stylish-bohemian environment, matching with the city’s vibe.