Artist Philippe Handford envisioned and implemented the Pendle Sculpture Trail, an unconventional artistic project in England consisting of various original sculptures along a special pathway. According to the official press release, “Philippe’s sculpture work is site specific and is inspired by the beautiful Pendle area and natural materials found in the wood. His organic sculptures make use of several, previously felled trees, a wind blown tree, holly bushes and a dry stone wall that runs the full length of the wood“.

The most impressive piece to be found on the trail is his Reconnected 2: “The installation, built on site will evoke a sense of perpetual movement and capture the moment when the mighty trees felled. The holly bushes, known to ancient druids as ‘spirits of the wood’, have been contained within metal cages fashioned into human forms provide an eerie presence amongst the trees!‘ We salute this project as well as the idea of bringing art into rural spaces, so that everyone can get acquainted to new concepts and unleash their inner creativity.