This is one of those fine examples of gorgeous neighbourhood architecture, that makes you think of how will your dream house look like. Simple, yet playful, the Glenbervie House, by Darren Carnell Architects emphasises the constant human need to connect with the environment. Located in a quiet neighbourhood in Melbourne, this residential project links the indoor to the outdoor, through a refined and luscious marble deck. There are two separate entrances: a regular front door and the open plan living room. Neat and transparent, the Glenbervie House is ideal for those who seek a particular type of experience, embracing both the natural environment and luxury.

The back of the house accommodates a lounge area and the terrace – connected to the living room’s extension. Due to the fact that the living room is guarded only by two solid walls, an incredible fluid circulation is created between the two environments. The idea was to eliminate boundaries and create a space that allows a proper air ventilation throughout the house. The all-the-same floors (the white marble) underline the lack of boundaries. The rooms are also interconnected. Everything floats and suggests freedom and breeziness. Do you find this project interesting? How do you feel about the special connection between the inhabitable place and nature?