The Garavaglia Villa is a residential project located in Mesaro, completed by Buratti+Battiston Architects in this suburban area of Milan. The house explores the limits of playfulness, juggling with volumes and revealing a structure that integrates wonderfully the wood, into the roof. The residential project is a home of three: father, mother and daughter and it looks like a breezy place and a tranquil spot for a stress-free lifestyle. The ground floor accommodates the entertainment area and the more private one sector (the bedrooms), while the first floor is reserved for guests.

The architecture studio, didn’t just complete the house’s design but it also created the right furniture for this place. The natural light and the brightness play an important role: every single room is flooded by light, drastically transforming the interior environment. “The one-lean roof, the main compositional and typological element of the project, is folded and cut to design interior and external spaces of the house: a big double-height living room is placed beside external patio covered and open to the garden.” The house is surrounded by a green courtyard making the place look welcoming and ideal for moments of relaxation. The wooden roof details and ceilings bring an interesting “rustic” touch to the modern interior. Last but not least, the traditional authentic shutters are an “accessory” that complement the house’s Italian personality.