By playing with transparent and solid surfaces, The Monovolume Architecture + Design, managed create in Meran, Italy, a space that exhales unity, bringing the perfect balance between the interior and the exterior. The rectangular shaped house, called the House M has a very neat look, being a place that “asks” to leave the worries behind and embrace the benefits of relaxation. If you seek for inner peace, there’s no other place to reflect it better: transparent areas, a wide patio, the impeccable white and the contemporary neat environment, they all give you the feeling that you are exploring the limits of a permanent vacation. “The terrain flows through the building and finds his renewal in the pool- and meadow area. Because of a refined external design and the arrangement of the pool, lawn, garden and house the whole concept seems like a unity with seamless transition.” 

Probably one of the most interesting items that embellish and approve the clean look is the staircase that connects the floors. Like a story of white piano keys, your steps become an musical odyssey that expects to be played. The House M is an awkward mix of simplicity and subtle details. The neutral colours make the it stand out as a whole, which is really nice because it creates a fluid inhabitable space. Would you like a house like this?