Takeshi Hirobe Architects completed the design for an original looking residence adjacent to the tranquil waters of Tokyo Bay, in the southern Kant? region of Japan. Villa SSK was envisioned as a balanced home, one that take in all the powerful energies of the surrounding natural elements, from the rocky mountains to the neighboring ocean. Inside and out, the project displays original features while staying true to the principles of Japanese architecture.

According to the architects, the client requested “a comfortable, generously proportioned living, dining and kitchen area, a bathroom overlooking the ocean, a guest room, and a spare room that could be used to display his beloved car. Timber panel wall-building and timber space trusses were used to create a structure that connects the ocean-facing side and mountain-facing sides of the house. Although the trusses themselves occupy a wide space, gaps have been left in between the different materials.” Find the architecture of this home as intriguing as we do?