We received photos and information about The OCDock™, an elegant design about to take off, as a result of this Kickstarter campaign. According to the press release we were sent, the OCDock™ is a slick and highly capable docking station designed for iMac and Thunderbolt display owners. It’s unique paper-thin cable runs underneath the display appearing wireless, allowing for a clutter free workspace – resulting in better work performance and a zen peace of mind.

While most docks need to first invent the problems they attempt to solve, the OCDock focuses on nailing the most irritating problem that keeps on hindering your everyday productivity and peace of mind. Did you already guess what it is? The clutter that comes with having a regular docking station on your desk. The OCDock is developed so that it does not take any extra desk space, it uses the footprint of your displays stand. Therefore you have much more space and freedom on your desk and one less wire to worry about”. Check out the video below for a deeper understanding of the project and tell us what you think!