We recently received photos and information about a modern wine and bookshelf combo envisioned by Capolinea Design, an “eco-design” Trade Mark founded by an Italian designers’ group. The company uses Eco-friendly materials such as recycled cellulose and cardboard. In particular cellulose tubes, produced for industrial purposes, are re–used by Capolinea to realize high quality and durable design objects: “We design objects that talk about another possible future, that are able to reflect a culture, a way of thinking and a new system of values“.

LIBRA is a wine and bookshelf designed following re-use philosophy. All materials are re-used and re-designed with high level finishing. LIBRA is made of cellulose tubes, recycled wood and iron water–pipes. LIBRA can be used as bookshelf, as bottle-shelf, as cloth-shelf in shops, it can be used horizontally or vertically, it can be customized with different colors, or left nature, kraft paper colored. All materials are 100% recycled and re-used. Made in Italy. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Capolinea Design]