Meet an environmentally friendly space that really got our attention. The Horcasitas Apartment “suffered” a makeover and became this fashionable and sustainable place, really inspiring and really cool as a home. The apartment was an outdated 70’s space but once adapted to the modern tendencies became a gorgeous inhabitable place and of course, a “Freshome material”. The apartment, renewed by DEN Architecture, offers a unique spatial experience: “The composition of volumes, including furniture and built-in cabinets, fills the generous open spaces without an overwhelming presence.  Expansive monolithic forms in contrasting colors provide a seamless transition from one space to another.”

Both, the living room and the kitchen/ dining room offer incredible views over the city’s skyline. The rooms embrace neutral colours, mixing wood with dusty brownish- grey tones. The result is a smooth transition between the environments. To bring a shade of colour to the earthy tones, sprinkles of fiery red complete the décor. Fresh and inspiring, the Horcasitas Apartment is much more complex and bright than before. “The visual appeal is complemented with an equally sophisticated ecological sensibility:  dual-flush toilets, low VOC paint, reclaimed plumbing fixtures, recycled marble tiles, and the re-use of existing floors make an aggressive remodel gentle on our planet.” You can see some of the transformations, below: