Inspired by the name of the trees that surround the area, the Sycamore House in Pacific Palisades, California is not actually a family home, but a laboratory for a firm that does research and seeks environmental solutions, with a focus on sustainable architecture.  The Sycamore House is wonderfully integrated into the landscape, borrowing some of the trees’ shininess. The house “takes its name from three beautiful trees on the site that originally attracted Kovac to the property; the simple geometry of the house is driven by the steeply descending site.”  The project has been designed by Kovac Architects and it has been completely built with ecological materials, reflecting the firm’s values.

The 3,400 square-foot house is a wonderful and inspirational place, with an abundance of sculpted volumes. To prove the house’s sustainable core, a series of sustainable materials have been used, such as “high fly ash content concrete, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified woods, reclaimed wood flooring, non-VOC paints, recycled glass tile in the bathrooms, formaldehyde-free plywood for the sheathing, energy star appliances, and water-efficient fixtures.”  The view over the lush collection of Sycamore trees is stunning and as a general rule, everything inside the house looks glossy and modern. Who said that sustainable materials can’t provide a contemporary look and a really cozy environment?