The architectural wonders are possible thanks to some “mad” individuals, brave enough to explore the limits of their imagination. Beyond limits, there are ingenious ideas, innovative and bright, expecting their time. And stand out, of course. When beautiful meets abstract, you’d better make room for sparkles. Most of us, dream of homes that look like those seen in magazines. With other words, something we have already experienced visually. There are those, though, who dream of unique “works of art”. Those kind of homes, that cross the limits of our imagination, through their abstract shapes and sophisticated volumes, through their unique décors, make an impression on whoever ends up seeing them. Moreover, the inhabitants get to love the lively homes more than the regular ones, because after all, they express better their personality.

The B&N House, defined by the Spanish studio, A-cero, is a spacious home, with a complex look and an interior full of luminosity. A-cero designed almost every single detail: from the unusual structure, to the interior beams and panels adorning the living area and the furniture that blends chromatically with the whole house concept. Everything respects a very modern line, even the bedrooms which are designed to be a little bit warmer than the rest of the house. “This new look is more modern, more organic following a line with the guidelines undulating forms A-cero studio. In addition to this formal review, also made structural improvements in housing as the expansion of the area of the room and extend the porch leveraging the volumes of the new projections.”