Located in Mexico, Guadalajara, Casa S looks nothing like a Mexican “barrio” house. Imposing, clean lined and with a very contemporary look, the residence is the work of Lassala Elenes Arquitectos. Stone and stucco blend wonderfully, creating a spectacular contrast in terms of materials. Terracotta red and almond white cover the facade revealing a young spirited house. The house is structured on two levels, allowing natural light to floor the living space. Moreover, Casa S offers some of the most beautiful views over the┬áPrimavera forest. In defining the house, green processes played an important role.

The whole idea was to create a fluid space, a connection between the outdoors and the indoor area. Juggling with volumes and lines, the architects managed to create a place, that is both elegant and relaxing. Rich in open spaces, Casa S is ideal if you want to spend some time away from the hectic days of work and pressure. The wooden dock surrounds the swimming pool and the small water cut outs give you the feeling that the wooden dock sustains a large floating house. The interior is extremely luxurious and pretentious. The abundance of materials and the cut outs remind us that volumes, shapes and cuts define the house and make it look so peculiarly amazing. The flooring is definitely more sophisticated than you would expect it to be: from beige ivory marble, to porcelain tiles. One word: exceptional!