In the idyllic region of Bohumilec village, Czech Republic, a fancy home with wood paneling got our attention. The work of Mimosa Architekti, the House in Bohumilec project, defined in 2010, consists in a contemporary house, with rustic details. Inspired by the region’s natural landscape and by its simplicity, the house is an expressive countryside home, surrounded by lush vegetation and a very green and healthy environment. The architects concentrated on creating a breezy atmosphere: the ground floor became a fluid, interconnected space. 

They adjoined the kitchen with the living room and the dining area, augmenting the feeling of freedom and space. The first floor accommodates the bedrooms, which offer an amazing view over the “pure and fresh” surroundings and the lake. The clients requested something simple, liveable and beautiful. Without seeking sophistication, they wanted a harmonic approach towards modern design and the simplicity of authentic details. Believe it or not, the change of seasons has a large influence on how the house gets to be perceived. Here’s what the architects say: “The wooden husk of the house hides the interior in white colors. Colorfulness of the house steps back the colorfulness of the surrounding green. The colors of the surroundings infiltrate the house and change it during the seasons.”