Glamuzina Paterson Architects have completed a modern residence in Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand. Entitled S House, the building separates the site into two gardens, not taking into account the conventional diagram of the front and back yard. Perfectly integrated in a green setting, the project offers good views from every room. According to the architects, “S House differs from the standard villa with a compact form and central circulation, with the elongated plan allowing for an extensive surface connection with the landscape.

The activities of the house take place across a singular spine corridor which expands and contracts spatially as the house mediates the site, creating the contradictory east native garden and the west exotic sculpted garden. The complementary gardens are connected by the children’s play area and bedrooms opening up to the two gardens”. The interiors of this large home- especially built for a family of fiveinspire both elegance and opulence. Have a look!