Exotic destinations have fascinated me since I was a child. I even dreamed of having my own private island, lost somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, away from the hectic lifestyle, away from chaos, pollution, rushed people and last but not least, from the hours that passed fast like the wind. Despite the fact that I didn’t get the island of my dreams, I  am still a dreamer who pays a special interest in looking for staggering getaways, that flood the senses and make you literally scream : “I want to break free. Now!”

I bumped into the island of Saint-Barthelemy, “deserted” in the heart of the Caribbean, while looking for a comfortable shelter, ideal for relaxing the body, mind and soul. A piece of paradise “dressed in emerald notes, adorned smooth lagoon blue shades and with a beautiful beach with silky sand, that awaits you to sink your senses into the deepest relaxation. Le Sereno is composed of 37 exquisite villas and suites, restaurants, bars and even a spa. The project has been defined by the French designer, Christian Liaigre, as a breathtaking resort destination. Saint-Barthelemy is a magical contradiction, combining luxury with simplicity, which makes it the ideal spot for days of leisure, daze and pleasure. The beaches, the view, the warm people and the impeccable services make Le Sereno a wonderful vacation destination.