Swedish design is characterised by simple lines, neutral colours, textures, rugs and brightness. We have spotted another gorgeous attic apartment in the heart of Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. The bohemian town, also known as the “gateway to northern Europe”, accommodates plenty of compact small-sized homes, showcasing gorgeous details and an uncomplicated contemporary look. Without trying too hard, this 59 square meters apartment has a particular refinement. A spacious living room blends with the kitchen and the study area. There’s one particular detail that took my attention: the circular, classy and almost “baroque-like” window, from the study area. The simplistic rugs enhance the feeling of comfort revealing this apartment’s true Swedish personality. The master bedroom is not very spacious, but it looks really comfortable.

A large wooden deck terrace completes the décor and offers a beautiful view over the neighbourhood. A simple light installation, with light bulbs hanging like a Christmas installation is sprinkled “randomly” all along the balcony. The terrace is a wonderful spot for drinking cups of warm tea in wintertime, covered with smooth and cozy blankets. One can create the perfect décor for romantic evenings. Compact and functional, the bright open plan apartment is ideal for a young couple or can serve also as an individual residence for someone who is looking for comfort and tranquility.