MARC Architects, from the Netherlands, have recently completed the Villa S2, a modern volumetric l project, in Amsterdam. With a beautiful lake view and a lounge area for precious moments of tranquility, the house is ideal for a young couple with small children, looking for a quiet and inspiring neighborhood. The house and the deck, raised above the ground, keep a sleek and polished look, thanks to the material used in defining them: white-lustrous marble. The door, the garage and a part of the upper windows are adorned with horizontal wood panels. This was a really smart solution for offering some privacy and also some extra sun protection.

The upper level is dedicated to the bedrooms while the main level accommodates the living room (with quite a spectacular view over the lake), surprising from a cozy and comfortable environment, subtle details of the neighborhood and the lush vegetation. An open space dining area connects the inhabitants with the pleasant, breezy site. In the hot summer season, the terrace baldaquin, together with the view create a perfect ambience for those perfect romantic evenings we all dream about. Beautiful and neat, the Villa S2 is a wonderful place, that emphasises the values of tranquility and of the stress-free environments.