Broom Way Residence is a 4.200 square foot residential project, completed in the historical city of Brentwood, California, by Nonzero Architecture. The clients requested a larger living space. The best solution to extend the 1950’s old house was…to demolish and start building it from scratch. In order to emphasise the value of the magnificent lush vegetation and the rich site, the architects provided a new and modern house, spacious and welcoming, with large windows and spectacular views. Focusing on sustainability, the architects tried to bring the nature inside the house. The wide terrace, the open space living plan and last, but not least, the floor to ceiling windows, that allow the light slipping inside the house, create a bright and cozy environment. To wrap it up, all these elements underline the importance of nature, as parts of our lives.

Everyone agreed to focus on sustainability: natural ventilation has been encouraged. There’s also another relevant action that proved the environmentally friendly approach: the materials used in defining the project were natural, sustainable and carefully chosen. The radical transformation implied also recreating a mid-century modernism, somehow adapted to the more recent design patterns. The staggering view over the seashore and the historical town make this house even more precious. Due to the fact that the house is surrounded by such a rich vegetation, the architects tried to incorporate the design and obtain a continuously fluid landscape.