Hidden behind a semi-opaque perforated panel, the concrete residence, known as The House 0605, defined by Simpraxis Architects in Nicosia, Cyprus, is a modern home, designed for a family of three. The smooth volumetric concrete structure identifies the needs of a family in search of a serene and breezy home environment. Despite the fact that the main material is concrete, the architects didn’t seek to create a cold living space, but to establish a certain harmony between the exterior and the interior.

Rich in…grey shades of concrete and pale neutral colours, the interior is decorated with minimalist, yet stylish furniture: a dark couch, a table with chairs here and there, a neat kitchen and a suspended fireplace. Remember? Less is more. The stairs, the walls, even the ceiling give you the feeling of that industrially-urban unpolished look, reminding us of that great cosmopolite design which adornes the attic lofts from the great cities. The house accommodates a small interior courtyard, embellishing the area with small “mounds” of pebble stones and small tree offsprings.  A relaxing swimming pool is also part of the interior courtyard’s design. The access to the pool is made through the open space living area, which reunites the living room, the kitchen and the dining area.