The Block House, located in a serene and peaceful Melbourne suburb, Australia, is a residential project with strong industrial elements, completed by Taylor Reynolds studio, in June 2012. The house is a fine example of 60’s-70’s suburban architecture, built with inexpressive and inexpensive materials, displaying an industrial-like exterior. The two story home showcases an industrial look, without being too rigid or rough. The “almost” unpolished appearance is the result of the fantastic brickwork, present in the living room area. The interior is also rich in textures and patterns.

The place exhales elegance and the excellent choice of neutral colours reveals a minimalist grace and a refined contemporary design. Here is what the architects have to say about the materials and the patterns: ” The selection of natural, unadorned materials – particularly in the textured concrete blockwork – set the building modestly into the site and street. Texture within the block laying pattern is a significant element in the whole; a typically flat and utilitarian material is transformed, becoming a sculptural element delineating the homes’ spaces.”  The dining area, the kitchen and the living room are all connected. The architects managed to create an impeccable living space, that opens up into the garden, offering also a private access to the pool. How do you find this blend of industrial and contemporary minimalism?