We received photos and information about Roots Table, an original design envisioned by Ekta Shah. We asked her for a subjective description of the project, and here is what she replied: “My inspiration is in the natural forms and processes in the world around us. The roots of a tree anchor it to the ground and support it. This function was the dominating characteristic that informed the design for the table. My intention was to have the individual bent plywood pieces that comprise the base to be connected in a manner that support the glass tabletop, but give the illusion of randomness and the organized chaos that is present throughout nature.

The bent plywood pieces are adhered with bio-resin, a resin consisting of bio-derived materials such as pine oils that result in a lower environmental impact and higher user safety”. Even though the designer states that the project is inspired by chaos, we think it lets out an elegant and neat impression, perfect for enhancing a modern interior with a personality.