With on floor dramatically overhanging the other, the Nest and Cave House designed by Idis Turato displays a very intriguing architecture. The residence overlooks the sea in the Opatija Riviera, Croatia and dominates the hillside landscape it is embedded in. With a total built area of 395,5 square meters, the project is divided into two levels, hinted by the two distinct looking volumes.

According to the official description provided by the architects, “the house consists of an entrenched concrete bunker (the sleeping area) on which a steel spatial grid structure is placed and which elongates into a 17 meter long console. Despite it being constructed within a reductive registry of functions, with only two structural elements and with its apparent division into the sleeping and living area, the house creates a wondrous, ever shifting experience. The dislocated upper part and its hyper-trophic console express the quintessential tension of a Mediterranean house: the battle of the sun and the shadow“. Be sure to check out the video at the end of the post for a special home tour and let us know what you think!