We know, it is not everyday that we post play houses on Freshome, but this project and its perfect details are simply stunning. The miniature tree house for mice was created by Maddie Brindley and was inspired by Crabapple Cottage drawn by Jill Barklem in her book “Spring Story”.  The frame and bark are completely hand made from scratch. Each of the six levels perfectly mimics a common house interior, with miniature elements Maddie creatively designed out of various materials.

For example, the towels in the laundry room were made from old baby bibs from when her twins were young, this fireplace in the living area was made from scraps of wood, Fimo and an old egg whisk. The food was also made using Fimo and liquid Fimo. You can find all the fascinating details regarding the process behind this miniature tree house on Maddie’s blog. The little house also appears to be available for sale, link here while it lasts.