We came across this house, located on the Mediterranean coast, in the city of Ashdod, Israel. The architectural weirdness, called the Neighbourhood XVII Residence is not an extraterrestrial spaceship, but the work of Zahavi Architects, a group of Israeli enthusiasts, which focus on challenging architecture, playing with shapes, textures and volumes. The avant-garde structure is rich in cut outs. The extra-white playful coverage, spreading like a spider web, definitely makes an impression on whoever sees it. It’s one of those homes people talk and spread the word about!

Very elegant and rich in contrasts, the Neighbourhood XVII Residence is a wonderful place for relaxing. The ceiling is extremely high, offering some depth to the place. The floor to ceiling windows (in the living room and in the upper bedroom they even replace the walls) encourage transparence. Moreover, the environment becomes more breezy, connecting the indoor with the outdoors. The impeccable white, smooth and delightful like a summer vacation feeling, is omnipresent. The interior is adorned with fantastic silvery spheric chandeliers. Peculiar but gorgeous, this fine example of avant-garde contemporary villa is the perfect medium to enjoy both, the urban skyline and the intimacy of a permanent vacation.