Colours!  We simply love a good idea and a creative blend of colours. It implies courage! To underline the fact that a happy environment can have an amazing effect on our lives, the Ukranian designer, Ino Getiashvili, came up with some cheerful ideas and decorated the interior of an apartment located in Odessa’s old town in a unique way.  In order to create a breezy and fluid atmosphere, an open space area occupies most of the 110 square meters surface, reducing the kitchen, the living room and the dinning to one unitary spot. The house “keeps a good communication” with its  inhabitants through positive messages such as “Smile”, “Love”, Dreams” and “Travel”.

Many say that the attitude is everything. The right ambience can create the right attitude. Imagine yourself coming home here. Would you still give an overwhelming attention to your problems? No. You’d rather let yourself inspired and look for a creative way to solve them! Gorgeous and stylish, the Odessa apartment is bright and functional. Creativity played an important role in defining it: from the warm colorful  illumination system, to the textures and the vibrant mix of colours. Ideal for a young couple, this super-modern home in Odessa gives a strong feeling of belonging. Do you find it appealing?