Welcoming and inviting, the Queens Park House by MCK Architects surprises the beauty of the outdoors and makes it part of the living space. The main idea of this residential project was to absorb the natural benefits and to create a fluid transparency between the internal and the external areas. A double fronted cottage became a transition area, a breezy opening for a modern family in search of a relaxing home. The project emphasises that the detail meets the vision, so every single element has been carefully chosen. The living room became one with the kitchen and the garden, making some of the walls disappear. It is said that the connection between man and his natural habitat is very important, therefore a space that combines the two major areas enhance the feeling of freedom and “zenification”.

The architects chose neutral colours and wooden details to underline the use of natural elements. The presence of white brings more luminosity and the green opaque glass adorns the interior and gives an updated and very modern look to the house. The client strongly  encouraged the use of sustainable technologies. Moreover, the contemporary look was achieved through an environmentally responsive design. Queens Park House, as they say, is a healthy environment, entirely sustainable. As an add-on, here is what they have to say: “With time the garden will grow thicker and lusher and taller and contribute at an urban scale as well as providing an oasis for the owners. the house performs well environmentally with good solar access and plenty of ventilation.”