Residence Santa Caterina by Studio Alberto Apostoli has been recently inaugurated in Verona, Italy and consists of an architectural housing design that has become an important part of the environment. The aim of the architect was to create a space pleasant to walk through for residents. The architecture of the complex is composed of vertical elements, due to which the amount of living space gains volume and conceals the ground floor. In total, three types of coatings (stucco, stone and green stratified laminate) are used in the project.

Studio Alberto Apostoli was also involved in the project of the park and lawns of the complex, which includes “hanging” gardens and ornamental hedges.¬† A watchman-gardener, who live there, takes care of all the plants in the complex. The project also utilizes the best energy-saving technologies (solar panels and power plants) and the latest modern materials. All this creates a unique atmosphere without excessive luxury. [photos and information provided via e-mail by¬†Studio Alberto Apostoli]