Welcome to a lovely home in Mellau, Austria, built for simple living, as the architects from Sven Matt explain. To me, the design of this small residence (discovered on Afflante) is far beyond “simple”, as I consider it offers everything a home owner could possibly want and/or need. With a total living area of 90 square meters and a budget of € 170,000, the developers created a special „two-room-apartment“ made from prefabricated timber elements based on a concrete foundation.

Here is an official project description from the architects: “A large living space, two small bedrooms and the entrance are organized around a central core containing the bathroom and technical installations. Four large openings create unique views into the surrounding landscape. According to their orientation – private or public, varying in size and position, with or without parapet, each deeply cut opening has its own characteristic“. We dare you find something wrong with the design of this small Austrian home.