Don’t let the traditional appearance of this rocking chair fool you- the iRock was especially developed by Micasa Lab to fit your every modern need. Transforming energy is the real challenge of the future. From the stored energy in a Pepperoni Pizza to the chemical energy that the person in a rocking chair uses to rock it to the kinetic energy that the movement itself generates for the… iPad. By using a generator mounted under the rocking chair, the iRock is able to make use of the kinetic energy generated by the chair and use it to charge an iPad.

The design is inspired by old fashioned rocking chairs and so is the choice of material, oak. But the resemblances stop here,  as the iRock is equipped with a battery that charges when the iPad isn’t mounted and also a set of built it speakers. The iRock comes with an app that will track the iRock motion and is able to play real sounds from 8 types of old rocking chairs. The iRock is planned for launch in late spring 2014. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Micasa Lab]