A burst of colours and here you have a wonderful lively compact multifunctional living area in Rio, reflecting the vibrant Brazilian spirit. What you see is not a loft, but a loft installation, designed by Luiz Fernando Grabowsky  for the Casa Cor exhibition. The ambience is extremely rich and playful, thanks to an open space concept, that reunites “chunks” of a real, inhabitable house. The subtle “boarding lines” such as the bar area ( between the kitchen and the living room) or the higher hardwood floor ( between the living room and  the bedroom) replace the walls, that on a regular basis, separate the rooms. The high ceilings, with their industrial kind of look and the rough brick walls are in contrast to the super refined furniture.

The beauty of this interior consists in the explosion of colour tones and textures. Orange meets brown, black and grey meet white. A melting pot of shades. The textures and the patterns, the “excessive” use of orange, remind us of the 70’s, with an obvious modern upgrade. There are plenty of pictures framed which create a space of memory and of symbolic signification, giving personality to this the space.  Warm and friendly, the living space is extremely welcoming and smooth.