Eco Bar Fresh & Go designed by Yaroslav Galant is the first of its kind in Kiev, Ukraine. Offering clients fresh juices and cocktails, the eco-bar is an idea that is likely to take off globally. According to the press release we received,  the concept for its exterior design was inspired by natural occurrences and elements such as crystal-clear ice, mountains, fresh greenery. “White color and allusions to Japan origami culture lead us to one of the key Zen philosophy point – the awareness of each moment of living” – said Yaroslav Galant about the his work.

The bar was made from high-technology material Corian® by DuPont and all of the engineering facility components were made of stainless steel. We don’t know about you guys, or about your opinion regarding the actual design of the bar, but all those fresh fruit and the sweet mixtures they could provide made us…thirsty. We certainly like the idea of fresh drinks and we hope to see this type of bar around the corner asap. How do you find it?